Four-Sided Triangle

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Starring Barbara Peyton, James Hayter, Stephen Murray, John Van Eyssen , Percy Marmont , Sean Barrett . Screenplay by Terence Fisher and Paul Tabori, based on the book by  William F. Temple. Cinematography by Reginald H. Wyer. Music by Malcolm Arnold. Produced by Michael Carreras and Alexander Paal. Directed by Terence Fisher.

Dr. Bill Leggard and his friends, Robin and Lena build a machine that duplicates matter.  It can reproduce any living thing.  Bill has always had deep feelings for Lena, and when she marries Robin instead of him, he's crushed. Bill decides he wants his own duplicate "Lena." He asks the "real" Lena for permission. Feeling sorry for him, she hesitantly agrees (after he assures her that the reproduction will be wiped clean of any of her memories). Unfortunately, the "new" Lena does retain some memories, including her love for Robin. The first feature film about cloning. An early effort from Britian's legendary Hammer FIlms.   

Hammer Film Productions - Released in the Britain: May 25, 1953
Released in the U.S. by Astor Picture Corp. June 15, 1953
 81 min. - b&w - mono -
Copyright June 1953