Galaxy Invader

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Starring Richard Ruxton, George Stover, Faye Tilles, Don Leifert, Dick Dyszel, Theresa Harold, Greg Dohler, and Glenn Barnes as the alien. Cinematography by Paul Loeschke. Music by Norman Noplock. Creature design by John Cosentino. Special effects by David Donoho and Dan Taylor. Written, produced and directed by Don Dohler.

An alien spacecraft illuminates the night sky as it plummets to Earth in a firey crash. The ship's lone occupant, a scaly creature from beyond the stars! A band of leering rednecks discover the alien and see its capture as money in the bank. But those backwoods bruisers soon find themselves locked in mortal combat with the creature in a startling climax!

A Don Dohler Production  - Originally released: April, 1985
Digitally remastered and enhanced by Steve Gross
72 min. - color - stereo