The Giant Gila Monster

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Starring Doon Sullivan, Lisa Simone, Shug Fisher, Yolanda Salas, Fred Graham, Jerry Cortwright, Beverly Thyurman. Screenplay by Ray Kellogg and Jay Sims. Special Effects by Ralph Hammeras and Wee Risser. Cinematography by Wilfred Cline. Music by Jack Marshall. Produced by Ken Curtis. Directed by Ray Kellogg.

A monster of unknown origin stalks Lover's Lane in search of fresh teenages to devour. The teens try to tell the authorities, but, as usual, they don't believe them until the bodies start piling up! If you like hot rods, rock n' roll, poodle skirts and prehistoric lizards the size of a Greyhound bus, this fun cult thriller is for you!  Produced by actor Ken Curtis, who played Fester oin TV's GUNSMOKE. Directed by Ray Kellogg, director of THE GREEN BERETS.

A Hollywood Pictures Corp. Production - A McLendon Radio Pictures Release
Originally released in 1959 - 74 min. - b&w - mono