Monster From Green Hell

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Starring Jim Davis, Barbara Turner, Robert E. Griffin, Eduardo Cianelli, Vladmir Sokoloff, Joel Fluellen. Screenplay by Louis Vittes and Endre Boehm. Special Effects by Jess Davison, Jack Rabin and Louis DeWitt. Cinematography by Ray Flin. Produced by Al Zimbalist. Directed by Kenneth Crane.

A test rocket containing scientific experiments, including a wasp nest, crashes in the dense jungles of Africa. Radiation from outer space has infected the wasps and created a hive of titanic atomic mutations! What's worse is that these hideously humongous creatures have an appetite for human flesh and are proceeding to munch their way across the dark continent! An expedition of scientists is sent to investigate the native disappearances and try and stop the onslaught. Starring Jim Davis, best remembered for his role as Jock Ewing on the hit TV show, DALLAS !

A Gross-Kranse Production - Released DCA Pictures
Originally released: 1958 - 71 min. - b&w (with Technicolor sequence)

Copyright May 1, 1957 (PA 180-909), copyright renewed