Unknown Island

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Starring Virginia Grey, Philip Reed, Barton MacLane, Richard Denning, Richard Wessell, Daniel White and Philip Nazir. Screenplay by Robert T. Shannon and Jack Harvey, based on the story by Robert T. Shannon. Produced by Albert Jay Cohen.  Directed by Jack Bernhard.

Adventure-seeking photographer Ted Osborne (Philip Reed) has convinced his wealthy finacee, Carole (Virginia Grey) to finance an expedition to an uncharted South Pacific island supposedly populated with dinosaurs. Piloting their ship is Captain Tarnowski (Barton MacLaine), a ruthless alcoholic suffering from malaria- induced bouts of insanity and John Fairbanks (Richard Denning) as an ex-Marine haunted by a terrifying encounter with a dinosaur years before. When they arrive at the island, they discover that the stories they have heard are all true and the island is inhabited by dinosaurs, giant sloths and other prehistoric creatures. But will they survive to tell anyone what they've found? Exciting science fiction thriller and the first dinosaur movie filmed in Cinecolor. 

An Albert Jay Cohen Production - Released by Film Classics, Inc.
Originally released October 15, 1948 - 75 min. - color - mono