Journey to the Center of Time

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Starring Scott Brady,  Gigi Perreau, Anthony Eisley, Abraham Sofaer, Lyle Waggoner, Austin Greene, Tracy Olsen.  Screenlay by David Prentiss. Cinematography by Robert Caramico. Special effects by Modern Film Effects. Produced by David L. Hewitt and Ray Dorn. Directed by David L. Hewitt.

Scientists conducting time-travel experiments are accidently hurled thousands of years into the future where they find the Earth being destroyed by a race of alien invaders. The adventurers also travel back to prehistoric times and do battle with blood-thirsty dinosaurs and to the present-day, where they actually meet themselves!  Fun drive-in sci-fi adventure from the swinging sixties!

A Borealis/Dorad Production  - Released by American General Pictures
Originally released 1967 - Color by Pathecolor 
82 min. - color - mono