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Starring Jeff Morrow, Barbara Lawrence, John Emery, Morris Ankrum, George O'Hanlon, Robert Shane. Screenplay by Louis Goldman, based on the story by Irving Block. Special effects by Jack Rabin, Irving Block and Louis De Witt. Music by Paul Sawtell & Bert Sheffer. Produced and directed by Kurt Neumann.

Kronos, a giant metallic, monolithic monster that invades Earth and slashes it's way across the country, draining the earth of all of its electrical energy and beaming it into space to the orbiting mothership. Kronos, a weapon so perfect in design it absorbs a direct hit from a hydrogen bomb and becomes that much more powerful.  Atomic Age chills and thrills presented in out-of-this world "Regalscope."

A Regal Films Production - Released by 20th Century Fox
Originally released April 1, 1957 - 77 min. - b&w - mono
Copyright April 10, 1957, copyright renewed (RE 254-923)