Lost Continent

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Starring Cesar Romero, Hugh Beaumont, John Hoyt, Hillary Brooke. Screenplay by Richard H. Landau. Special Effects by Augie Lohman. Music by Paul Dunlap. Produced by Sigmend Neufeld. Directed by Samuel Newfield.

An atomic-powered rocket is lost in an unexplored region of the South Pacific.  A military expedition lead by Cesar Romero is dispatched, but their plane loses control and crash lands on a strange uncharted island. A lost world full of prehistoric dinosaurs and vast uranium fields!

A Lippert Pictures Release - Originally Release August 17, 1951
Running Time: 83 min. - b&w and sepia - mono

Copyright August 15, 1951 (LP 1134), copyright renewed (RE 15-345)
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