Mesa Of Lost Women

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Starring Jackie Coogan, Tandra Quinn, Lyle Talbot, Allan Nixon. Screenplay by Herbert Trevos. Cinematography by Karl Strauss and Gil Warrenton. Produced by Melvin Gordon and William Perkins. Executive Producers: J. Francis White and Joy N. Houck. Directed by Ron Ormand and Herbert Trevos.

The infamous Dr. Arana (Jackie Coogan) is conducting bizarre experiments in the forbidden Mexican desert of Zarpa Mesa. It is rumored he has created a race of rabid super-womenby injecting them with spider venom.  Made for the drive-in movie circuit by legendary B-movie maker Ron Ormand, a close associate of Ed Wood!

A Howco Production - Originally released June 17, 1953
aka LOST WOMEN OF ZARPA and LOST WOMEN - 70 min. - b&w - mono

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