Midnight Movie Massacre

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Starring Robert Clarke, Ann Robinson, David Staffere, Tom Hutster, Margi Robbins, Duke Howze, Susan Murphy, Mary Stevens, John Kely, Carl Roibertson, Jeanne Beachwood and Charity Case. Musical score by Bill Crain. Special Effects by David and Ellie Merriman. Asociate producers: Ben and Brian Mossman. Post-production by Herbert L. Strock. Directed by Mark Strock. Produced by Wade Williams.

The terrifying story of a handful of movie-goers who fight off a fearsome vampire creature from the planet Mars when it invades a local movie theatre in Burbank, California. Starring science fiction film legends Robert Clarke (HIDEOUS SUN DEMON) and Ann Robinson (WAR OF THE WORLDS), plus a host of screen newcomers, including female impersonator Charity Case and the Sweater Girl from Mars herself!

A Produced at the Film Works Studio, Kansas City, MO
Originally released in 1988 - aka ATTACK FROM MARS
85 min. - color - stereo - Color by DeLuxe