The Navy vs. The Night Monsters

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Starring Anthony Eisley, Mamie Van Doren, Billy Gray, Pamela Mason, Bobby Van, Walter Sand, Edward Faulkner, Phillip Trery. Cinematography by Stanley Cortez. Special Effects by Edwin Tillman. Produced by Madelyn Broder and George Edwards. Written and directed by Michael Hoey.

A Navy cargo plane crash lands at a remote South Seas Island naval base. The airfield emergency crew notice that all of the  passengers on the plane have mysteriously vanished. In the cargo hold of the plane are weird unearthly night-crawling plants that are alive, mobile and have deadly acid in their veins!  Sixties double-bill drive-in thriller starring sex-bomb Mamie Van Doren and Billy Gray of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL fame.

A Standard Club of California Production - Released by Realart Pictures
Released April 15, 1966 (double bill w/ WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET) 
87 min. - color - mono - Color by DeLuxe