Revenge of the Sun Demon

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Starring Robert Clarke, Cameron Clarke, Susan Tyrell, Barbara Goodson, Spontaneous McKnight. Screenplay by Craig Mitchell, based on the film, HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, produced, directed and starring Robert Clarke. Produced by Greg Brown, Hadi Salem and Jeff Montgomery. Directed by Craig Mitchell.

The classic 50s cult movie, HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, is back -- but this time it's been redubbed by L.A.'s funnist improv comics.  Our hero is now voiced by an uncredited Jay Leno with a supporting cast of comedy masters turns the sci-fi cult classic into a raunchy rib-splitting comedy.

A Twenty-Four Horses Production  - Released by American General Pictures
Originally released 1989 - 811 min. - b&w with Technicolor sequences - stereo