Rocket Attack U.S.A.

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Starring Monica Davis, John McKay, Daniel Kern, Philip St. George, Edward Czerniuk, Richard Downs, Herbert Flato, Janice Gilmain. Cinematography by Mike Tabb. Written, produced and directed by Barry Mahon.

The ultimate "Red Scare" cult classic that preyed on the fears of 1950s America and the terror that the "Commies" would launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. This 1961 Cold War propoganda film proposed the idea that Sputnik was really a spy satelitte that gathered critical information about the U.S. and with that information, Russia has built a nuclear missile and is ready to launch it and annilate America!  Can we stop it in time?!

An Exploit FIlms Presentation
Originally released: 1958 - 68 min. - b&w - mono