The Day The Sky Exploded

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Starring Paul Hubschmid, Fiorella Mari, Madeline Fischer, Ivo Garrani, Dario Michaelis, Peter Meersman, Jean-Jacques Delbo. Screenplay by Sandro Continenza and Marcello Coscia, based on the story by Virgilio Sabel. Cinematography by Mario Bava. Produced by Guido Giambartolomei. Executive Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff (uncredited). Directed by Paolo Heusch.

An atomic rocket is launched on a manned moon mission, but one of the engines malfunctions and it crashes into and exploding in an asteroid belt. The explosion dislodges many asteroids from their orbits and they become one giant cluster heading for earth. Mankind's only hope is to arm every missile on earth with a nuclear warhead and fire them all at the cluster and hope. Famed Italian director Mario Bava was cinematographer on the film.

Compagnie Cinématographique de France  Production
Released by Excelsior Pictures Corp. on
Sept. 27, 1961
85 min. - b&w - mono