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Starring Howard Duff, Eva Bartok, Alan Wheatley, Philip Leaver, Cecile Chevreau. Screenplay by Paul Tabori and Richard Landau, adapted from a radio play by Charles Eric Maine. Produced by Michael Carreras. Directed by Terence Fisher.

At a secret rocket base in England, scientist Howard Duff is accused of  murdering his adulterous wife and her Russian spy love and disposing of their bodies by firing them into space aboard a satellite. The first science fiction film produced by legendary British film studio, Hammer Films, this thriller included murder, commies and the promise of exciting futuristic space exploration!

A Lippert Pictures  Release - A Hammer Film Production
Released in the U.K. and U.S. on August 7, 1953 - 76 min. - b&w - mono

Copyright December 28, 1953  (LP 2659), copyright renewed (RE 43-130)