Teenagers From Outer Space

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Starring David Love, Dawn Anderson, King Moody, Harvey B. Dunn, Bryan Grant,(Pearson), Tom Lockyear (Graeff), Ursula Pearson. Production Assosiates: C.P. Kattenhaler, Gene Sterling and Bryan G. Pearson. Written, produced and directed by Tom Graeff.

A strange flying saucer lands in the desert near Hollywood, bringing a deadly menace to earth:  A mischevious gang of teenagers from outer space! Derek, the one alien who is not a hoodlum, makes his way into town and meets cute little Earthgirl, Betty Moran, who has stars in her eyes for the alien boy. Interplanetary relations begin ! But will his alien hoodlum buddies ruin everything? And what about the giant pet Gorgon monster they unleash on Hollywood? Will the Earth survive?

Originally released June 2, 1959 by Warner Bros.
Produced under the title BOY FROM ANOTHER WORLD in 1957-58
 85 min. - b&w - mono