Transatlantic Tunnel

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Starring Richard Dix, Walter Huston, C. Aubrey Smith, Leslie Banks. Screenplay by Curt Siodmak, Clemence Dane and L du Garde Peach, based on the novel by Bernard Kellerman. Special Effects by J. Whitehead and B. Guidobaldi.  Produced by Michael Balcon.  Directed by Maurice Elvey.

A visionary engineer sets out to link England and America by building a colassal tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean. This science fiction epic is actually a remake of THE TUNNEL, a German film made in 1933. When writer Curt Siodmak fled Germany, he brought the script to England where it was remade on an even larger scale than the original.

A Gaumont-British Production - Originally Released in 1935
aka THE TUNNEL - Running Time: 94 min. - b&w

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