Unknown World

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Starring Bruce Kellogg, Jim Bannon, Marilyn Nash, Victor Killan, Otto Waldis, Tom Handley. Screenplay by Millard Kaugfman. Special Effects by Jack Rabin and Irving Block. Cinematography by Allen G. Siegler and Henry Freulich. Produced by Jack Rabin and Irving Block. Directed by Terrell O. Morse.

With the threat of nuclear annihilation by the major world powers, a group of scientists build a fantastic burrowing machine to journey to the center of the Earth in search of a safe haven from the deadly radiationthat would life on the surface impossible. Imaginative Atomic Age science fiction adventure.

Released by Lippert Pictures - Originally Released: Oct. 26, 1951
aka NIGHT WITHOUT STARS - Running Time: 63 min. - b&w - mono
Copyright November 14, 1951 (LP 1287), copyright renewed