The Wasp Woman

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Starring Susan Cabot, Anthony Eisley, Michael Mark, Barboura Morris, William Roerick. Screenplay by Leo Gordon, based on the story by Kinta Zertuche. Cinematography by Harry Neumann. Music by Fred Katz. Produced by Roger Corman. Directed by Roger Corman and Jack Hill.

Janice Starlin, the president of a major cosmetic company is concerned about her company's dropping sales. Her chemist, Dr. Zinthrop, has been experimenting with using enzymes from the queen bee that reverses the aging process. Unhappy with the slow progess of the research and in need of a human test subject, Starlin injects herself with a large does of the untested formula. It works amazingly well and makes her look twenty years younger overnight. But it comes with a dark side effect -- it also makes her into a giant queen wasp on occasion!

Released by Filmgroup Pictures on October 30, 1959
 73 min. - b&w - mono