Women of the Prehistoric Planet

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Starring Wendall Corey, John Agar, Keith Larson, Merry Anders, Stuart Morgolin, Irene Tsu. Special Effects by Howard A. Anderson. Produced by George Edwards. Written and directed by Arthur C. Pierce. A Jack Broder Production.

Starship Commander Wendall Corey, Captain John Agar and a crew of hot space chicks launch an emergency mission to rescue the crew of a hijacked starship stranded on a forbidden planet of sexy scantly-clad cave women.  Great sixties drive-in movie fare and a must-see for ever sci-fi fanatic.  They don't make them like this anymore! 

A Standard Club of California Production - Released by Realart Pictures
Released April 15, 1966 (double bill w/ THE NAVY VS. THE NIGHT MONSTERS) 
87 min. - color - mono - Color by DeLuxe