Rocketship X-M

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Starring Lloyd Bridges, Osa Massen, John Emery, Noah Berry, Jr., Morris Ankrum and introducing Hugh O'Brien. Cinematography by Karl Struss. Music by Ferde Grofe. Special Effects by Jack Rabin and Irving Block. Executive Producer: Murray Lerner. Written, produced and directed by Kurt Neumann. 

The first space exploration film of the Atomic Age! Four men and a girl blast off on mankind's first exploration of the moon, but due to a cataclysmic cosmic event, are hurled out of control to Mars! Once on the red planet, the crew discover an atomic war-ravaged world inhabited by mutants.

A Lippert Picture - Originally release: 1950
77 min. - b&w and sepia
copyright June 1, 1950 by Lippert Productions, Inc. LP-159
  copyright renewed Dec 5, 1977 by Weiss Global Enterprises  (RE 678-491

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