Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

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Starring Buster Crabbe, Carol Hughes, Charles Middleton, Anne Gwynne and Frank Shannon. Screenplay by George Plympton, Basil Dickey and Barry Shipman, based on Alex Raymond's comic strip. Produced by Henry MacRae. Directed by Ford Beebe abnd Ray Taylor.

12 Chapter Universal Pictures Serial with Flash and company returning to the planet Mongo to face their old adversary, Ming the Merciless, and find the antidote to Ming's "Purple Death," which is ravaging planet Earth. The third and biggest of the Universal Flash Gordon movie serial adventures, based on the popular comic strip created by Alex Raymond. Starring Olymic swimmer-turned-action-star Buster Crabbe (and silver screen Tarzan) in his most famous role as the legendary rocketman, Flash Gordon. Exciting cliffhangers and imaginative sets and production design make this one exciting thrill ride from beginning to end.

An Universal Pictures Release - Originally Released: 1940
Running Time: 220  min. - b&w - mono