The Lost City

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Starring Kane Richmond, William "Stage" Boyd, Claudia Dell, Josef Swickard, George "Gabby" Hayes,. Screenplay by Zelma Carroll, George M. Merrick and Robert Dillion. Cinematography by Edward Linden and Roland Price. Produced by Sherman S. Krellberg. Directed by Harry Revier. 

Kane Richmond  (who starred as The Shadow and Spy Smasher in the serials) is  Dr. Bruce Gordon, a top scientist investigating a series of earthquaskes in a remote region of Afica. Once there Gordon discovers Zolok (William "Stage" Boyd), a brilliant (and mad) scientist who is responsible for the earthquakes in the area using an electrical dynamo of his own invention. Now he plans to take over the world or destroy it. Now Gordon has to stop Zolok and his army of mindless slaves, with the help of Dr. Maynue (Josef Swickard) and his beautiful daughter, Natcha (Claudia Dell).  Grand movie serial adventure with imaginative production design and exciting cliffhangers.

A Super Serial Productions Release - Originally Released: March 6, 1935
Running Time: 240  min. - b&w - mono