Radar Men From The Moon

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Starring George Wallace, Clayton Moore, Aline Towne, Roy Barcroft, William Bakewell and Peter Brocco. Screenplay by Ronald Davidson. Cinematography by John MacBurnie. Music by Stanley Wilson. Directed by Fred C. Brannon.

Thrilling 12 Chapter Sci-fi serial from Republic Pictures, the home of the movie serial. When the United States finds itself under attack from a mysterious alien force, it turns to Commander Cody, a civilian government contractor responsible for amazing inventions, including a portable jet-pack and rocket capabile of reaching the moon. The government sends Commander Cody and his crew to the moon, where they face off with Retik, the ruler of the moon, who plans to conquer Earth and invade it with his moon army. The only thing standing between Retik and victory is Commander Cody, Sky Marshall of the Universe!  Exciting cliffhanger fun from the early 1950s.

A Republic Pictures Release - Originally Released: January 9, 1952
Running Time: 167  min. - b&w - mono