The Beatniks

Starring Tony Travis, Karen Kadler, Peter Brock, Joyce Terry, Bob Wells, Charles Delaney. Screenplay by Paul Frees, based on the story by Joyce Terry and Ken Herts. Songs by Eddie Brandt and Paul Frees. Produced by Edward Heite. Directed by Paul Frees. 

A gang of Hollywood rebels without a cause make trouble and take women wherever they go.  The leader of the pack, cool Eddie Grant (Tony Travis) is discovered by a talent agent and is signed to a recording contract. Eddie tries to dump his hoodlum past, clean up his act and date a cute high-class chick, but his old gang buddies have different ideas, including murder!  The first beatnik movie it was originally titled, SIDEBURNS AND SYMPATHY (after the MGM film, TEA AND SYMPATHY). A fun-filled, mixed-up Drive-In Theatre delight that only the rockin' 50s could produce.

A Glenville Production - Released by Barjul International Pictures
Originally released in 1959 - 78 min. - b&w - mono

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