High School Caesar

Starring John Ashley, Gary Vinson, Steve Stevens, Lowell Brown, Judy Nugent, Daria Massey. Screenplay by Ethelmae Wilson Page and Robert Slaven, based on the story by O'Dale Ireland. Cinematography by Harry Birch. Music by Nicholas Carras. Executive Producer: George S. Reppas. Produced and DIrected by O'Dale Ireland. 

Matt Stevens (John Ashley) is the "High School Caesar," a rich kid hoodlum who shakes down the other students for protection money and sells them test copies and other illegal things in return.  And although the other teens hate Stevens, they are powerless to do anything. He has dirt on all of them. But when the tables finally turn, the teens show no mercy to Stevens and rise up against him. They aren't gonna take it any more! Fun Drive-In movie fare from the late 50s. 

A Marathon Pictures Production - Released by The Filmgroup
Originally released in November, 1960 - 75 min. - b&w - mono

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