Teenage Doll

Starring June Kenney, Fay Spain, John Brinkley, Collette Jackson, Barbara Wilson, Ed Nelson, Richard Devon, Ziva Rodan. Screenplay by Charles B. Griffith. Cinematography by Floyd Crosby. Executive Producer: Bernard Woolner. Produced and directed by Roger Corman. 

Hot gang chicks, street punks, murder, wild sex and sadism are the key ingredients in this stylish 1950s teenage gangster film about a good girl in bad company who sets off a gang war by accidentally killing a beat girl from the other side of the tracks. Top-of-the-line Saturday night drive-in movie fare produced and directed by B-movie master, Roger Corman. One of the best teen crime dramas of the 50s.

A Woolner Brothers Production - Released by Allied Artists Picture Corp.
Originally released on September 18, 1957 - 71 min. - b&w - mono

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