Louisiana Hussy

Starring Nan Peterson, Peter Coe, Betty Lynn, Robert Richardson, Harry Lauter, Rosalee Calvert, Tyler McVey. Screenplay by Charles Lang. Cinematography by Ted and Vincent Saizis. Produced by Charles Casinelli. DIrected by Lee Sholem. 

The torrid tale of a Cajun sex kitten who ruins the lives of all she touches. Untamed Nan Peterson turns up the temperatures of two lust-crazed brothers and pits them against each other with her bra-busting architecture and sultry Southern ways. Beautifully filmed on-location in the Deep South, this steamy saga boasts such stars as Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW), Peter Coe (PEYTON PLACE) and Nan Peterson, the sexy star of the cult classic, THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON. A drive-in masterpiece not to be missed!

A Bon Aire Production - Released by Howco International
Originally released in April, 1959 - 85 min. - b&w - mono

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