Lost, Lonely and Vicious

Starring Ken Clayton, Barbara Wilson, Lilyan Chauvin, Richard Gilden, Carole Nugent, Sandra Giles, Allen Fife. Screenplay by Norman Graham. Cinematography by Ted and Vincent Saizas. Produced by Charles Casinelli. Directed by Frank Myers. 

The white-hot story of what happens to teens who come to Hollywood, where rebels with and without a cause race up and down Sunset Boulevard picking-up young starlets who will do anything and anyone for a chance in the movies. Handsome Ken Clayton stars as a teenager on the verge of stardom whose reckless ways with hot rods and wild-for-kicks chicks almost costs him his life.  A drive-in masterwork for the less-than-critical viewer.

A Bon Aire Production - Released by Howco International
Originally released in 1958 - 73 min. - b&w - mono

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