Not Wanted

Starring Sally Forrest, Keefe Brasselle, Leo Penn, Dorothy Adams, Wheaton Chambers, Rita Lupino, Audrey Farr. Screenplay by Paul Jarrico, based on the story by Paul Jarrico and Marvin Wald. Dierected by Elmer Clifton. Produced by Ida Lupino. 

Ida Lupino shocked 1950s America with this frank story of unwanted pregnancy. Starring Sally Forrest in her screen debut as a naive young woman who falls for a slick nightclub piano player, only to be seduced, abandoned and finding herself "in a family way."  Disgraced, she gives up the baby for adoption and goes off the deep-end, kidnapping another child and going to prison in this stark drama years ahead of its time. Lupino's first independent film as producer and the first in a series of hard-hitting film productions by this top actress, opening the door for other women to work as producers and directors in the male-dominated Hollywood film industry.

A Emerald Production - Released by Film Classics, Inc.
Originally released on June 24, 1949 - 91 min. - b&w - mono

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