The Student Body

Starring Warren Stevens, Jillian Kesner, Janice Heiden, June Fairchild, Peter Hooten, Alan McRae and David Ankrum. Screenplay by Hubert Smith. Cinematography by Gary Graver. Executive Producer: John Shipp. Produced by Ed Carlin. Directed by Gus Trikonis. 

A secret campus experiment  --  from inmates to classmate to playmates! Psychology professor, Dr. Blalock (Warren Stevens) discovers a drug that induces aggressive behavior and provokes all sorts of weird activities. He wants to study the drug and finds the perfect test subjects to experiment on -- three delinquent young chicks from the local reformatory. He arranges for the girls to be released into his custody in exchange for their willing participation in the program.  But the girls not only take the drugs themselves, they share them with Dr. Blalock's son, Craig (who they've been hooking up with) as well as other students -- now the whole campus is out-of-control!

A Brandywine Production - Released by Surrogate Releasing
Originally released May , 1976 - 76 min. - color - stereo

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