Starring Mark Schneider, Katie Saylor, Morgan Woodward, Len Lesser, Skip Riley, Bruce Kimball, Tom Kindle. Special Appearance by George Barris, The King of the Kustomizers. Screenplay by Robert Easter and Neva Friedenn, based on the story by John Arnoldy. Produced by Sal Capra. Executive Producer: Nolan Russell Bradford. Directed by Lamar Card. 

On his way to the custom van gathering, Clint Morgan (Mark Scheider) saves a beautiful girl (Katie Saylor) from a  biker gang -- but gets his van demolished in the process. The two hitch-hike to the Mid-American Motors van plant, where Clint's friend, Boseley, is the chief engineer. He shows them the solar-powered "SuperVan" he created and lets Clint borrow it to take to the  competition. Along the way, they run into the biker gang again and get into a big car chase with bikers, police cars and a convey of custom vans.

Co-starring Morgan Woodward, (COOL HAND LUKE) and featuring George Barris, famous car customizer who created the iconic Batmobile for the BATMAN TV series, as well hot rods for THE MUNSTERS and THE MONKEES.

A Released by New World Pictures in March 1977
 91 min. - color - stereo

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