The Violent Years

Starring Jean Moorehead, Barbara Weeks, Arthur Millan, Theresa Hancock, Joanne Cangi. Cinematography by William C. Thompson. Screenplay by Edward D. Wood, Jr.  Produced by Roy Reid.  Directed by William M. Morgan. 

Untamed girls in tight sweaters kill for a thrill in this pretty-but-deadly crime drama. Ed Wood penned this tawdry thriller about a good-girl-gone-bad who, with her girlfriends, turns to a life of crime, holding up gas stations, raping young men at gunpoint and having wild parties -- until it goes terribly wrong!

"Ed Wood's screenplay was from an idea by exploitation producer Roy Reid. Reid wouldn't say why Wood didn't direct the film. Early titles included GIRL GANG TERRORISTS and TEENAGE GIRL GANG (no doubt Wood's creation). Paula Parkins, leader of the gang, was played by Jean Moorhead, Playboy's Miss October of 1955. The rest of the cast included Barbara Weeks, Glenn Corbett, Tim Farrell, Theresa Hancock, Lee Constant (Sheila) and, in the role of his career, I. Stanford Jolley as Judge Raymond Clara!"
                                                                                                    Rudolph Grey  

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