Mr. Krane

Starring Cedric Hardwicke, John Hoyt, Peter Hansen and Mary LaRoche. Written by Arthur Rodney Conebeare. Executive Producer: George Lowther. Directed by Boris Sagal.

MR. KRANE was the premiere episode of MATINEE THEATRE, an NBC anthology series that aired from 1955 to 1958 and was hosted by John Conte. It was a most ambitious theatrical TV series for NBC televising five different plays per week live.

MR. KRANE stars Sir Cedric Hardwicke (THE TEN COMMANDMENTS) as the title character, Mr. Krane, a super-powered alien ambassador who comes to our planet to issue a life-or-death ultimatum to all of the nations of Earth. A powerful science fiction social commentary with riveting performances by Hardwicke and John Hoyt (WHEN WORLD'S COLLIDE). 

     Produced by the National Broadcasting Company - 57 minutes - color 
          Originally aired on January 3, 1956, broadcast "live" from NBC

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