Space Patrol

Starring Ed Kemmer, Lyn Osborn, Ken Mayer, Hannes Lutz and Michael Ross. Written by Norman Jolley, Mike Moser, Maurice Hill, Lou Huston. Created by Mike Moser. Executive Producer: Helen Moser. Associate Producer: Bela Kovacs. Produced and directed by Dick Darley.

This is it, the wildly popular TV space adventure that thrilled the 1950s generation.  SPACE PATROL follows the adventures of Commander Buzz Corry (Ed Kemmer) of the United Planets Space Patrol, and his crew, young sidekick Cadet Happy (Lyn Osborn), Major Robbie Robertson (Ken Mayer), Carol Carlisle (Virginia Hewitt) and Tonga (Nina Bara), as they face interplanetary villains with diabolical schemes!

The show was originally targeted at children, but attracted a sizable adult audience and was consistently ranked in the top ten shows broadcast on Saturdays. 
SPACE PATROL first broadcast on March 9, 1950. 210 half-hour shows and close to 900 15-minute shows were produced over Space Patrol's 5-year run. Originally telecast live on the ABC-TV. 

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