Abilene Town

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Starring Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak, Lloyd Bridges, Rhonda Fleming. Screenplay by Harold Shuman. Songs by Fred Spielman and Kermit Goell. Cinematography by Archie J. Stout. Produced by Jules Levey. Directed by Edwin L. Marin.

Abilene, a rip-roaring cattle town at the end of the Chisolm Trail. A place where the cattle-drives end and a cowboy's quest for women and whiskey begins. But things are changing: Homesteaders have arrived and are anxious to make the town a peaceful family community. That's when the trouble starts!

A spectacular, action-packed production starring Randolph Scott as the town Marshall and the lovely Ann Dvorak as the dance hall queen who sings, dances and romances. Also starring Rhonda Fleming as the nice girl and young Lloyd Bridges as the leader of the settlers. One of the best Westerns of the period. 

A Guild Production - Released by United Artists
Originally released January 11, 1946 - 89 min. - b&w- mono