The Bushwhackers

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Starring Lon Chaney, Jr., John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Wayne Morris, Lawrence Tierney, Jack Elam. Screenplay by Rod Amateau and Thomas Gries. Produced by Larry Finley. Associate Producer: Herman Cohen. Directed by Rod Amateau.

Academy Award nominee John Ireland stars as a Civil War soldier who vows never to raise a gun against another man again. Late one night, a gang of ruthless bushwhackers, lead by Lawrence Tierney (DILLINGER), burn down the settler's home and try and kill him. He narrowly escapes, fleeing to nearby Independence Missouri, where he gathers the support of the townsfolk (including pretty Dorothy Malone) and returns to take on the murderous outlaws.

This rip-roaring western saga also festures famed horror icon Lon Chaney, Jr. (THE WOLF MAN) as the crippled mastermind behind the gang of ruthless killers.  Exciting six-gun entertainment in the untamed west! 

An Jack Broder Production - Released by Realart Pictures
Originally released in 1951 - 70 min. - b&w - mono