Hannah Lee

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Starring MacDonald Carey, Joanne Dru, John Ireland, Tom Powers, Ralph Dumke and Start Randall. Screenplay by MacKinlay Kantor and Alford Van Ronkel. Cinematography by Lee Garmes. Musical score by Paul Dunlap. Produced by Jack Broder, Lee Garmes and John Ireland. DIrected by Lee Garmes and John Ireland.

Professional gun-for-hire Bus Crow (MacDonald Carey) comes to town and set-up at the local saloon and letts everyone know he's looking for work. Soon the local ranchers approach him about persuading the new settlers and land squatters to move on down the road. After some suspicious deaths occur, Marshall Sam Rochelle (John Ireland) comes to town to look into the murders he suspects Crow of carrying out. Originally titled HANNAH LEE: AN AMERICAN PRIMITIVE, the sprawling western was filmed in stereoscopic 3-D Pathecolor.

A Realart Pictures Production - Released by Realart Pictures, Inc.
Originally released in 3-D on June 27, 1953 - 75 min. - color - mono
Re-released in 2-D version as OUTLAW TERRIROTY in 1954