Starring Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Loretta King, Tony McCoy, Delores Fuller and Paul Morco. Screenplay by Edward D. Wood, Jr. and Alex Grodon. Cinematography by William C. Thompson and Ted Allan. Executive Producer: Donald E. McCoy. Produced and Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr. 

"Wood's homage to the Monogram horror-melodramas of the 40s.  Wood even called it a Rolling M Production/Banner Productions after Monogram producer Sam Katzman's production company Wood gave Lugosi his most substantial role of the 1950s as the mad scientist Dr. Eric Vornoff. Bela loved the long rant he had in the movie so much ("I was cleansed as a madman, a charlatan...") that once, walking down Hollywood Boulevard with Wood, he recited it aloud to startle onlookers, who broke into applause.  Also starring Tor Johnson as Lobo, a titanic man-beast who has a fetish for Loretta King's angora beret."
                                                                                                      Rudolph Grey

A Rolling M Production -  Released by L.M. Pictures
Originally Released February, 1956 - aka BRIDE OF THE ATOM - b/w - 68

Copyright January 13, 1956 by Filmakers Releasing Corporation ( PA 227-192)
copyright renewed July 13, 1984 by Sidney Barton  (RE 216-687)

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Bride of the Monster