The Haunted World of
Edward D. Wood, Jr.

THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EDWARD D. WOOD J. explores the man, the myth and the legend through film clips, still photos and extensive interviews with the bizarre cadre of actors, ministers and girlfriends who were involved with Ed Wood in such projects as PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and GLEN OR GLENDA?.

Produced by Ed Wood's former business partner, THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EDWARD D. WOOD JR. is a fascinating story told through the people who knew him, discussing various elements of his  personality. These range from adoration, to contempt, to pity, to adulation. Special features include Ed Wood's first film, CROSSROADS OF LOREDO, a 12 minute featurette on the Ed Wood reunion at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and BEHIND THE CAMERA: A collection of outtakes by Dolores Fuller, Vampira, Lyle Talbot and others. 

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