Night of the Ghouls

Starring Duke Moore, Tor Johnson, Criswell, Valda Hansen, Keene Duncan Tom Mason, John Carpenter and Paul Marco. Cinematography by William C. Thompson. Executive Producer: Major J.C. Foxworthy. Written, Produced and Directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr. 

Undercover ghostchaser Duke Moore investigates a mysterious medium who is fleecing relatives of the dead by fake channeling with the beyond.  But beware, the night is alive with ghouls!  Featuring titanic Tor Johnson and Vampira-wannabe Valda Hansen.

"Previewed in Hollywood as REVENGE OF THE DEAD, Wood's semi-sequel to BRIDE OF THE MONSTER was never released theatrically due to unpaid lab bills. Perennial western badman Kenne Duncan is Dr. Acula, a name Wood used for a projected TV series to star Bela Lugosi. Tor Johnon returns as the Himilayan giant, Lobo, somewhat worse for wear. With Wood's pal, Criswell, ingenue Valda Hansen (who would later claim she was 16 what the time), Duke Moore, Paul Marco, Bela's PLAN 9 double, Tom Mason, (as Wingate Foster's ghost), western actor John Carpenter, Don Nagel and Jeannie Stevens as The Black Ghost.  Some scenes Wood incorporated from his 1957 TV short, FINAL CURTAIN, with Moore and Stevens."
                                                                                                   Rudolph Grey  

aka REVENGE OF THE DEAD - black & white - 70  minutes - mono
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