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Night of the Ghouls

Posters, Lobby Cards, Stills and Newspaper Ads

Posters (One-Sheet)

NIGHT OF THE GHOULS was never released theatrically. Ed Wood finished the principal photography and rough cut of the film by late 1957, but could not financially afford paying for the post-production work.  The film laboratory opted to keep the negative film footage until the bill could be paid.  They consequently kept the film "hostage" for decades.  As a result, no one-sheet poster, lobby cards or 8" x 10" glossies were ever produced.

By the 1980s film historians either considered NIGHT OF THE GHOULS a lost film or suspected that the film never existed to begin with.  But film archivist Wade Williams managed to locate the film, paid the long overdue bills to the lab, and obtained ownership of it.   The poster art shown here was commissioned in 1998 by Williams in connection with the Englewood Entertainment video release of the film.  Wikipedia