Flying Saucers Over Hollywood:
The Plan 9 Companion

This fascinating documentary looks back at the eccentric life of Edward D. Wood, Jr., whose film PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE has been crowned "The Worst Film of All TIme" by The Golden Turkey Awards. Highlights include interviews with cast and crew members of PLAN 9, a tour of Quality Studios (where Wood filmed PLAN 9), Yucca Flats, the apartment where Ed spent his last days, Tor Johnson's house where Bela Lugosi filmed his scenes for PLAN 9 and photos and footage of Wood and crew.

This documentary is the perfect companion for PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. The producers tracked down everyone they could find who had worked on the film, including Harry Thomas, the makeup genius who tells the story of how he made up Tor Johnson; the lovely Maila Nurmi who played Vampira, and Conrad Brooks, famous for his portrayal of Kelso the cop. In addition, the film looks at the impact that PLAN 9 has had on our culture and the events that led to its "re-discovery" years later.

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